Antioch Mills Christian Church

We exist to bring people to Christ and build them in His image.

Service Opportunities

Whether you enjoy working with young people or adults, being in front of people or behind the scenes, we want to help you find a place to use your gifts to serve the Christ & his church, helping to spread the Gospel throughout the community & the world.  Below is a list of ministry teams through which you can find a place to serve:

ADMINISTRATIVE MINISTRY (led by Evan Meyer & Becky White)
AUDIO VISUAL MINISTRY (led by Evan Meyer & Dustin Yelton)
CHILDRENS MINISTRY (led by Mason Northcutt)
COMMUNION MINISTRY (led by Monte Clos)
ENCOUNTERS MINISTRY (led by B.W. Nortchutt)
FINANCE MINISTRY (led by Kenny Price)
HELPING HANDS MINISTRY (led by Gary Barnard)
LADIES AID MINISTRY (led by Darlene Winkle)
MISSIONS MINISTRY (led by AMCC Missions Team)

SPORTS MINISTRY (led by Chris Yelton)
STUDENT/TEEN MINISTRY (led by Mason Northcutt)
UPWARD MINISTRY (led by Chris Yelton)
USHER MINISTRY (led by Ernie Barnes)

For more information on how you can get plugged in, contact the church office.